Ms. Li: Educational Consultant

Bachelor’s degree from Harvard University, majoring in Art and Architectural History and minor in Philosophy.
Master of Economics, Johns Hopkins University.


ESL, SAT preparation and interview training, leadership training.
Proficient in University and graduate applications, including application planning and amendment of application documents.


Ms. Ganz: Educational Consultant

Bachelor of Harvard University, majoring in Economics and minor in Psychology.
Master of Finance, London Business School.


10 years of after-school counseling experience, including ACT / SAT preparation, college and K-12 general courses;
Proficient in college application, job application counseling and comprehensive interview counseling.


Mr. Abbasi: After school support(Mathematics and English)

JDL gold medal lecturer, public high school teacher.


English, mathematics and science courses of all grades;
Shakespeare literature course;
Good at college application writing, OSSLT, SSAT, SAT courses.

Ms. Jahanbakht: After school support(Science and ESL)

Master of Environmental science, Bachelor of Environmental Science, York University, Canada.


Science, biology, chemistry.

Ms. Miszkiel: After school support (IELTS and ESL)

JDL gold medal lecturer. Master of Arts in Poland, Bachelor of Education in Canada.
>10 years of teaching experience in public and private schools in Ontario.


English and mathematics. Good at English reading and writing courses.

Ms. Bahadur: After school support (IELTS and ESL)

Bachelor of Arts with Honours.
TEFL and TESOL / TESL certificates.


History, Geography and ESL courses.
Overseas teaching experience.

Ms. Soltan: After school support(Mathematics and English)

Master of Education, Bachelor of English Literature and Art
> 10 years of primary and secondary school teacher experience.


ESLA-E, Grades 11-12 English.

Ms. Johnston: After school support(Mathematics and English)

Bachelor of Youth and Early Childhood Education. 


ESLA-E, top private school interview counseling, adult English.

Ms. Fusco: After school support (ESL and English)

Bachelor of English, University of Toronto.


ESLA-E, top private school interview counseling,  Children’s English.


Mr. Liu: Tutor

Germany + Canada double master.


IELTS writing, GMAT / GRE / SAT / SSAT mathematics.


Mr. Arvandi: Tutor

Bachelor of Education in Canada, Bachelor of Contemporary Literary Studies.


Full grades in English, Science below Grade 10,
Mathematics under Grade 9, History under Grade 10.

Mr. Burchett: Tutor

Bachelor of Engineering, University of Toronto.
>10 years teaching experience.


Mathematics of all grades, chemistry and physics of grades 10-11.

Ms. Verdiglione: Tutor

Bachelor of Education (intermediate and advanced), University of Ottawa, Bachelor of Arts, University of Toronto.


 English, ESLA-E, Oral English,

Ms. Soltani: Tutor

Master of Education, Bachelor of English Literature and Art.


ESLA-E, G11 and G12 English.



Ms. Pitcher: Tutor

>10 years of French teaching experience, French teacher in school.
TESOL, TESL, TEFL certificates.