Toronto’s Top Private Schools

In recent years, the younger age of studying abroad has become an increasingly obvious development trend. Many parents fear that they will be left behind by others in this competition, fearing that they will miss the opportunity and lose their children’s competitive advantage. Therefore, more and more junior high school students and even elementary school students have joined the ranks of studying abroad.
When studying abroad, many parents will hesitate to choose between private and public schools. Is it a private school or a public school? Which private school is good? Questions like these are often heard. In fact, private schools and good public schools are like different big-name bags, each with its own advantages. Mainly depends on the focus and financial ability of parents.
Today, the editor will give you a brief introduction to several top private high schools in Toronto.
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Branksome Hall
Founded in 1903, Branksome Hall is a noble school for girls with a century-old history and no religious affiliation. From kindergarten to high school.
The school’s educational philosophy is to cultivate women’s integrity, self-confidence, self-reliance, and compassion to meet future challenges, and cultivate students’ leadership skills in all fields with an open international vision.
In addition, the school provides personalized academic guidance and university preparation courses for international students. As well as providing interesting weekend planning activities, this plan allows students to understand the cultural life of Canada’s multicultural city. No matter for local students or international students, the school pays attention to the cultivation of leadership and service social awareness.
Finally, it is worth mentioning that BranksomeHall is the only female school in the world that offers all International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.



Havergal College
Havergal College was founded in 1894. The school occupies a total of 22 acres and is Canada’s top private girls’ school. The college is known for strict academic standards and good hardware equipment, focusing on training in arts, sports, leadership and community service. The school facilities are complete and provide accommodation.
As a well-known female school, in addition to its excellent arts and music courses, its school promotion rate is also the reason why many parents choose. In addition, the school provides small class education, each class is controlled at about 18 people, and no more than 24 people.



The Bishop StrachanSchool
The Bioshop Strachan School (BSS) is a well-known top girls’ school in North America. The school was established in 1867 and provides accommodation for girls from grades 7 to 12. It has a history of more than 140 years. Has a very long teaching experience, can bring students high-quality teaching content. Focus on courses based on science and technology, and provide quite diverse internationally recognized AP courses.
The slogan of BSS is: Girls can do anything, focusing on cultivating girls’ leadership and moral behavior, educating women to become leaders in the future, and emphasizing that women and men are completely equal. Its students come from all over the world and it is a veritable and well-known international girls’ school.
The famous graduate of the school: Lin Zhiling.



Upper Canada College
It is a famous private boys’ school in Canada, known as Canada’s first private school. UCC was the first high school in Ontario. At the time, the purpose of the school was to provide a student source for the newly created King’s College (later the University of Toronto).
UCC provides IB courses, graduates can get the Ontario graduation certificate and International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. UCC alumni include 6 provincial governors, 3 prime ministers, 7 justices, 4 mayors of Toronto, 24 Rhodes scholars, 13 members of the Royal Society of Canada, and 10 Olympic medal winners. In addition, all students must complete the entrance examination before admission; applicants above the seventh grade must also take the SSAT test before admission; senior international students who apply for admission, if the mother tongue is not English, also need to complete TOEFL, MELAB (US and Canada only) Region), IELTS or CAEL exam.
Only after the students pass the examination and the school reviews, can they enter the school. The pass rate is generally about one-third, and the competition for applying for ninth grade admission is even more intense. Only 1/8 of the applicants can enter the school. Therefore, applying for UCC is a very important job for parents and children.



Crestwood Preparatory College
Crestwood is a co-educational co-educational high school in Toronto, Ontario, with primary and junior high schools.
The school has a variety of courses, small classes. Encourage students to achieve their children’s maximum potential by balancing academic, extracurricular activities, and social demands in a structured and disciplined education atmosphere.



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