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To provide a place where curiosity and intellect collide, and students delight in academic, creative and social pursuits
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To nurture a growth mindset and develop academic and learning skills that will enable students to lead by example as engaged, knowledgeable and compassionate globally minded citizens whose choice is to make an impact on their communities and the world.
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Don’t just learn. Experience - Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Small class teaching

High-quality small class sizes. Adhere to small teacher-student ratio which ensures adequate teacher allocation so that children can get more personalized counselling and support.

Qualified team

Qualified teaching team providing various subject courses from preschool education to grade 12 stipulated by the Ministry of Education. Worldwide recognition of graduation certificates.

Accreditation of colleges and universities

Past graduates have been accepted by their respective universities, and the rate of advancement is as high as 100%. Due to the high performance of our graduates over the years, colleges and universities in North America recognize the quality of teaching and personal development of Upper York School students. As a result, Upper York School has a much higher acceptance rate than other schools in the same field.

College Admission Consultant

With more than 6 years of college application experience, we provide students with professional college application guidance and comprehensively improve their college application.

Language teaching

Providing various subject courses stipulated by the Ministry of Education and ESL courses for non-native English speakers at all levels. Helps students improve their scores, but also focuses on developing students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Diversified curriculum

Focus on the development of students' comprehensive abilities: dozens of courses are offered in visual arts, performance, art, photography, literature, economics, etc. All-round development of students' abilities, to explore their potential while being able to better plan their future path.