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For many parents and children, summer breaks are difficult beasts to manage. Sure, you want to give your child a chance to enjoy sunshine, the pool, and popsicles. But alongside the idyllic visions of summer is the urgent need to ensure your child is productive, which likely leaves you wondering: what summer activities should a gifted or talented teenager seek out? If you and your child are planning ahead for summer break, you may be looking into summer programs to expand your child’s horizons and hopefully give them a leg up in the process.
Upper York School’s Summer School and Summer Camp Programs are designed for high school students currently in grades 9-11. While the Summer Camp unfolds over four weeks of classes, outdoor creative activities and such, the Summer School provide the variety of on campus classes for student to choose.
Upper York School International Summer Camp
The international summer camp of Upper York School in Canada is based in Toronto, allowing students to appreciate the magnificent natural scenery of Canada.
While exploring multiculturalism, students can experience the local English teaching environment, and learn while having fun in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The camp is designed to stimulate students' interest in independent learning.



  • Intensive learning: Through a fully English-speaking learning environment, students can improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. By communicating and practicing with native English speakers, they can boost their confidence and express themselves in English with boldness.
  • Global citizenship: Leadership training and exploration of multiculturalism.
  • Traveling: Students will visit famous landmarks and universities in Ontario to gain a comprehensive understanding of Canadian culture and customs from various perspectives.

For more information please contact info@upperyorkschool.ca

Summer School
Get the chance to study a subject and delve into a passion or subject not learned during the semester. Earn more credit at the meantime. Take summer courses ahead to free up the future conflicts for the upcoming school year. Enjoy the perspective that comes from connecting with a diverse group of peers as you engage in intellectual debate and explore new activities together.