June 19th, 2020
2020 Summer Credit Courses and Remedial Courses 

In June, most Canadian middle schools began to enter the examination period, and the summer of 2020 is already very close. Affected by the epidemic, many children’s study plans have been postponed.

In the summer of 2020, Upper York school can provide Gr. 9- Gr. 12 science credit courses and ESL full credit courses, including Gr. 1- Gr. 12 high-quality tutoring for all subjects in all grades. We also offer assistance with applications for studying abroad, private school application, university application consulting services and adult continuing education. We provided one-stop education and training consulting services to solve all problems for you and your children.

If you have further questions please contact us at:  647-877-5227.

The summer credit course of Upper York School is a very mature course. Our aim is to use the summer time to enable students to learn and gain 2 credits to add to their application for university.  The course mainly covers the two major sections of mathematics and English. No matter what level you are in, you can find your starting point here. Our courses include ESLAO (level 1), ESLBO (level 2), ESLCO (level 3), ESLDO (level 4), ESLEO (level 5), ENG3U, ENG4U, MCR3U, MHF4U and CHV2O/GLC2O and other high-gold content subjects.

With a high-quality faculty, elite management team, high-level academic courses and rigorous and standardized management, Upper York School provides all credit courses for grades 5-12 in Ontario and can issue high school diplomas. All courses meet the requirements of credit courses and can be used to apply to universities.

Upper York School guarantees that the credits awarded are recognized by the Ministry of Education and recognized by all public high schools, colleges and universities in Canada, and the results can be sent directly to OUAC

Small class teaching, flexible time, efficient learning. All the teachers in the school are registered teachers in Ontario, with rich teaching experience and professional knowledge