We trust that our mission, goals and philosophy will align with your expectations — and in the process move you one step closer to choosing Upper York School for your son or daughter.

Here at Upper York School we strive to create an environment where curiosity and intellect collide, which encourages students to delight in academic, creative and social pursuits. Nurturing students to develop a growth mindset and the ability to build academic and learning skills is pertinent during their time at our school. Developing these skills will enable students to lead by example as engaged, knowledgeable and compassionate minded citizens who choose to make an impact on their communities and the world.

Student’s at our school receive a diverse curriculum that is centered around each student and allows them to develop emotionally, socially, physically and creatively into their own unique self. The dedicated faculty and staff provide a learning environment where students are respected, valued and learn to work together as a community as well as being encouraged to think critically and to problem solve using a growth mindset.

Our vision is to create a learning environment that reflects the international community as well as upholding values that promote effective relationships and maximizes the use of all possible resources to enhance the emotional, intellectual, social and physical development of every student.

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