Communication without limits | Guardian Education Course-Public Speech and Oral Training

Another impact of the epidemic on international students is long-term lack of communication which leads to a decline in language perception. Parents can’t just cut off the Internet arbitrarily, and confiscate their mobile phones if children are not good at communicating and expressing themselves. A better way is to guide children to express correctly, build self-confidence, and open their hearts.

The “public speaking” and “speaking sparring” courses of Guardian Education start in July! With pure American pronunciation, this course has become one of the students’ favorite courses since 2015. After learning and training, the children have greatly improved their communication skills, speech level, and self-confidence.

Course Introduction:
This course aims to enable students to strengthen their language development and speaking fluency, effectively and accurately express their views and emotions; to allow children to express themselves more confidently when communicating and communicating with others, and to further allow children to understand from reading and writing. The purpose of the course is to give full play to the potential of each child and make everyone fall in love with talking and communication.

Introducing the teacher:
Registered teacher in Ontario, with rich teaching experience and professional knowledge, one of the favorite teachers of Guardian Education students, lively and cheerful, good at communication, and wide range of interests, is a rare good teacher.