In-depth analysis of how to choose courses in Canadian High Schools 

Here are a list of reasons to choose Canadian High Schools:
  • Canada’s multicultural integration
  • Excellent social welfare
  • Stable social order, and high security of the educational environment
  • Canada’s education is very rigorous and the quality of education is high
  • Canada’s study abroad has always been the lowest cost among English-speaking countries, and it has recently been affected by finance


First, Ontario high schools all use a credit system to measure whether a student can qualify for graduation. Students must complete 30 credits, including 4 English credits, 1 French credit, 3 math credits (at least one 11th grade math credit), 2 science credits, 1 geography credit, 1 history credit, 1 art Credits, 1 sports credit and 0.5 politics plus 0.5 career plan.
Students who transfer domestically will transfer their credits based on the grades they have completed in the country. For example, if the students who have finished the third grade in China come, the school will give 8 credits. Of course, each grade can transfer up to 8 credits.

Basically, all Canadian university applications will not look at the grades of 9th and 10th grades, but the university will definitely review the grades of 11th and 12th grades to decide whether to admit the student. Generally speaking, students with better grades in grade 11 (average score of 85 or more) will be considered as priority to get the admission notice. Of course, the university also needs to make a comprehensive decision based on the grades of students in grade 12.


The following are the basic courses required by different universities for different majors in recent years, for reference only:


Management Major/Business School (Business, Management, Commerce, Business Administration):

  • English for grade 12 (ENG4U)← English for grade 11 (ENG3U)
  • Advanced function (MHF4U) ← 11th grade function (MCR3U)
  • Calculus (MCV4U) ← Higher Functions (MHF4U)
  • Any 3 other 4M or 4U courses

There are also some schools that do not require calculus, but strongly recommend it, and some universities choose two of the three courses: Advanced Functions, Calculus, and Data Management (MDM4M). In general, advanced functions and calculus are recommended, covering the most extensive requirements of universities.


Engineering Major (Engineering):

  • English for grade 12 (ENG4U)← English for grade 11 (ENG3U)
  • Advanced function (MHF4U) ← 11th grade function (MCR3U)
  • Calculus (MCV4U) ← Higher Functions (MHF4U)
  • 12th grade physics (SPH4U) ← 11th grade physics (SPH3U)
  • Grade 12 Chemistry (SCH4U) ← Grade 11 Chemistry (SCH3U)
  • Any other 4M or 4U course