Upper York School offers a wide range of activities for our students to participate in. These include badminton, basketball, table tennis, skipping and many more!

Fit Fridays

Every Friday UYS staff and students spend 30 minutes participating in a variety of team building or individual participation sports. Here are Upper York School we believe that students have a better learning experience when they are able to be active and engage with their classmates and teachers in fun and new ways.

UYS Fieldtrips

Providing our students an opportunity to experience new and exciting adventures is something that we think is very important here at Upper York School. Within the semester we take our students on field trips allowing them to try activities that they may never have had the chance to experience before.


Activities include but are not limited to:

  • skating
  • bowling
  • modern dance
  • outdoors retreat
  • basketball
  • table tennis
  • badminton
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